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Our Past Events

Breaking the Archetype

TEDxGCET 2022, held on 24th September 2022 and revolving around the theme "Breaking The Archetype", seeks to spread the brilliant ideas and stories of those who have gone out of their way to define new norms, usher in a new era, and have thus, broken the archetype! They are a living proof that one does not need to be ideal and stay within their domain to achieve something great. Often, it is this shifting from the exemplar that makes a fascinating impact.

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Canvassing Destinies

TEDxGCET 2019, held on 6th January 2019 and revolving around the theme "Canvassing Destinies", had the privilege of hosting valiant personalities who believed in their purposes, callings and destinies. By highlighting the voices and spreading the ideas of speakers from diverse fields to the community, TEDxGCET 2019 captured the interest of the audience, prompting curiosity and meaningful conversations among them.

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Agree To Disagree

TEDxGCET 2017 was organized on 17th September 2017 with the theme "Agree To Disagree". Expressing a disagreement and going off the mainstream takes real courage. We had the honour of hearing the incredible ideas of speakers who turned their spark into a raging fire and showed the world their agreement to disagree.

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